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Vancouver Island Electronics Repairs


At Universal Electronics on Vancouver Island, we value our customers and always strive to provide quality in house repairs at an affordable price. We appreciate your feedback and look forward to serving you!



Honest and Very Helpful

" Went in to Universal today under the assumption that I would be needing to replace the LCD screen on my cell phone. Upon discussing the troubles and that I've had this phone less than a year she suggested I call provider directly as it should be still under warranty. I was turned away not once but twice from the local cell phone providers store, stating the damage was my doing and warranty was null. Turns out it was just a software update gone wrong. Instead of just taking my money and fixing something that didn't need to be, they were honest and very helpful! When the time comes that I need work done to my phone when my warranty is in fact null, I know where I will be returning! Honesty is always the best route, Universal Electronics understands the value of that! "


Amanda M.

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